Firing an Employee- Procedure

Firing an Employee- PROCEDURE- By Tehilla Kohanteb

How to do it? → PROCEDURE 

Letter Invitation to a Hearing

    1. In this letter the employer will state his reasons that he is considering firing the employee and will include a date and time for the hearing. It is extremely important that the letter states that the employer is thinking or considering because nothing is official yet and there is still a hearing to be held. 
    2. During this in-between period, the employee is allowed to ask for certain documents if he needs them. 
    3. In certain fields of work there are “collective agreements”  in place between Employers and the Unions, then the procedure is following the collective agreement. 

Click this link to see an example invitation.




    1. At the hearing the Employer will voice and address all the reasons of why he is thinking of firing the Employee. 
    2. The Employee can ask questions and is allowed to refute and respond to the claims that are in the letter. 
    3. The Employer has to write down everything that is said. 
    4. Depending on the company the Employer might have a lawyer present at the hearing. 
    5. The Employee is allowed to bring a representative to speak on their behalf, such as a Union Representative or a lawyer.  


Conclusion of the Hearing


    1. After the hearing, the Employer is required to consider the Employee and everything he said seriously before making a final decision. 
    2. Then the Employee is given a letter detailing the outcome of the hearing and exactly why he was/wasn’t fired.To: [insert email address]

Click the link to see an example of a Decision After the Hearing letter.

Letter of Termination

If the Employer decides to fire the Employee there is an official Letter of Termination given. 

This is an official letter which just states when the now former employee started working and when they finished.

It is normally needed for official purposes such as claiming unemployment. 

Click the link to see an examle of Letter of Termination



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